The Epic Collapse of The Red Sox


In a story for the Boston Globe, it was revealed what many people already knew; the Boston Red are a hot mess.  The Globe, guided most likely by Red Sox ownership, decided to drive a horse over the head of Terry Francona on the way out the door.  For those of you who do not know, the Red Sox thought it was necessary to tell everybody that Francona was a drug addict.  Now, it’s quite possible this story is true, but that is beside the point.  If Francona is struggling with addiction, like millions across this country, this little tidbit by the ownership will not help him.  It was a low blow and a dirty move that was unnecessary.  If they had any decency, they would have offered him help and simply said “it was time to move on.”  But instead, the Red Sox treated francona like he was their ex, jilted lover when a relationship ends.  Not only did they break up with Francona, they told everyone, “O by the way, he was a nice guy and all, but we really broke up because I think he has herpes.”

Now comes word that Theo Epstein has inked a 20 million  deal with Cubs.  The Red Sox ownership, which is currently gearing up for a stupid Spook World event at Fenway Park, is in a legitimate chaos.  As a result of introducing the dirty laundry with Francona, the gloves are off around Boston concerning rumors.  Yesterday, on the ultra successful Boston sports radio show, Felger and Mazz, it was openly discussed about certain rumors concerning certain people within the Red Sox organization.  Heidi Watney, who works for NESN as a Red Sox sideline reporter and it was insinuated by Felger as being possibly associated with some in the Red Sox clubhouse, had this harsh reaction to Michael Felger on twitter concerning the rumors about her and Captain Jason Variteck: “If Felger was ever in the clubhouse he might be able to talk about the team with some knowledge rather than just repeating rumors.”

Watney has a point to be frustrated, but her angst should not be directed towards Felger, but Red Sox ownership.  People such as Felger need listeners so a topic such is this, sex and high paid athletes is irresistible in a talk show format.  Do I believe Felger should be talking about people’s personal life?  Absolutely not! But when the ownership uses personal dirty laundry as a PR tactic against a former employee, it simply opens the door for this circus.  Look, Heidi Watney is a beautiful and successful young woman who has every right to do whatever she wants in her private life.  But her boss, the Red Sox ownership, has opened this door by talking about Francon’s personal life.

Unfortunately, it seems the Red Sox are unraveling and I think they need to clean house. Do not resign Wakefield, or “The Captain”, and I would also let David Ortiz walk, who apparently is in awe of the Yankees anyway.  Try trading Beckett and just outright release train wreck John Lackey.  Ya, I know, the Red Sox will eat a lot of money, but instead of Lackey pitching for the Red Sox, maybe he can work for Spooky World for the next two years and scare kids with that ugly mug of his.  Because if he is still in this rotation next year, I can think of nothing more scarier.

And if none of these moves transpire and this team largely remains in tact, well then maybe Red Sox nation should follow the actions of another movement in Boston and Occupy.

Instead of Occupy Boston, let us Occupy Fenway!


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