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Melanie Melanson Update: New Search Scheduled


By Stephanie Burke

In the article “Melanie Melanson Gone but Never Forgotten” we told you the story of the disappearance of Melanie Melanson.  Melanie disappeared some 23 years ago.  Since then her family has been left searching for answers.  Each day they are left with the pain of not knowing.

Last November Michael Garrigan, the private investigator on the case, along with the cadaver dogs of Connecticut Search and Rescue searched an area in Woburn just off Montvale ave where Melanie was believed to have been.  Based on the positive results from that search Garrigan along with a specialized team, The Body Farm, planned to return to that area later this summer.  However, recently Garrigan received an anonymous tip that has caused them to relocate their place of interest.

It has long been rumored that Melanie’s body had been moved.  This recent tip has lead them to the Middlesex Fells Reservation in Stoneham. This Saturday Garrigan along with volunteer cadaver dog teams from three separate states will thoroughly search that area.

It is the hope of Melanie’s family that this search will result in finally bringing Melanie home.  Just hours ago Mission for the Missing posted the following post about Melanie on their Facebook page:

“An open post to anyone with knowledge about Melanie’s disappearance. If you were around Melanie’s age when she went missing you may be married and have kids who are now the same age as she was in 1989. What if this was your child? Would you want somebody to come forward and help you? Both Melanie’s parents have passed never knowing what happened. Her aunts and brother carry on each day filled with pain, pain that has lasted twenty-three years. Could you endure such heartache for so long? Step up here. Let us know what you know. We are a group of volunteer professionals working with the family with only one goal in mind. Only one. Bringing home Melanie. We have a toll free line you can call. 866-310-8053. Help us to help the family. Call us, bring Melanie home. “


Latest News & Happenings at Coffee with Caesar

latest news

By Stephanie Burke

Hello readers.  I just wanted to take a minute and update you on some new exciting things happening with Coffee with Caesar (CWC).  Some of you may have noticed a new page added to the site, Coffee with Caesar Productions. CWC has branched out into documentary film making.  As you know CWC is about more than the written word.  We want to be involved with every facet of media possible to bring you the best information possible.

Our first project for Coffee with Caesar Productions is a documentary, The Melanie Melanson Story.  Some of you may remember the piece I wrote about Melanie’s disappearance.  We at CWC are honored to be involved with such a great project.  We are working in conjunction with Dark Irish Productions to shed some light on Melanie’s disappearance….a 23 year mystery that has yet to be solved.

In addition to CWC Productions you may have noticed some new faces on the site.  Over the last month we have welcomed a couple of new contributors.  Melissa Jane – a rising pop star sharing her journey with our CWC readers.  Melissa Jane will be updating us and taking us through her journey to stardom.  In addition to Melissa we have added Tedd Emelianov.  Tedd is a recent college graduate having received degrees in philosophy and economics.  Tedd is a unique voice with interesting views and opinions to share with the CWC readers.  Both Melissa and Tedd have proven to be excellent additions to our team and we are happy to have the aboard.

As always we would like to thank you for reading Coffee with Caesar (CWC).  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get all the latest CWC news. With so many interesting opportunities on the horizon who knows what CWC will be doing next.


Melanie Melanson…Gone But Never Forgotten


By Stephanie Burke

Growing up in Woburn it is impossible not to know about this case. On October 28, 1989, Melanie Melanson, a 14 yr old girl, vanished and the case is still unsolved some 23 years later.  Everyone in this area knows the name.  We have all heard the story. Whenever her name is brought up parents hug their kids a little tighter.  Melanie, just like any other teenager, attended a party with friends and that was the last anyone has seen of her.  No clues, no witnesses, just a cold trail full of pain for the family that won’t give up.

Melanie had been living with her grandmother and told her that she was spending the night at a friend’s house; leaving out information about the party in the woods she was invited to.  When the next morning arrived and Melanie didn’t return home this 23 year old mystery began.

As you can imagine, Melanie’s family was in a panic when she did not return.  They immediately started calling everyone they could think of and tracked down the attendees of this “party” the night before.  Each one confirmed the fact that when they left Melanie was there.  So, what happened to Melanie?  Who was the last one with her? It came down to two boys Eugene Bertini and Jimmy Treska. But it wasn’t that simple.  Jimmy said he left Melanie with Eugene and Eugene said he left Melanie walking down the street.  Bertini claims that they exited the woods around 2am and he was unable to give Melanie a ride as he had a motorcycle and no helmet for her. He left on his motorcycle heading up Montvale Ave towards Woburn and Melanie walked in the other direction towards the Stoneham end.  ……READ MORE“