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Politics or Promises?

By Amy M. Voltero

Aah politics, oh how do I love thee? I don’t claim to be an expert one bit. I couldn’t tell you who was in office before Governor Deval Patrick, or who was Mayor before Menino. Wait hasn’t Menino been mayor since I was born??? I don’t read much of the newspaper or watch the news often, due to the involuntary consumption of Sesame Street, Barney and the Wiggles, but I feel as through, I know enough to make an accurate judgment. All these FABULOUS men and women declared our nation’s politicians have two things in common:

1.  They BS their way during campaigning: Promise beneficial changes to gain prospective votes. Once elected, AMAZING, they do the exact opposite of what they were originally standing for. SHOCKING!!!!

2. All share the same million dollar smile!!! I can’t count the number of pictures I’ve seen of local politicians, where it looks like someone has pinched them ever so painfully in the buttocks. It’s like the only thing that changes in a given photo, is the scenery, and clothing of course. Hysterical!

I understand that SOMEBODY has to run our cities and State, on the contrary, wouldn’t it just be easier to pick the candidate who shares the same origin surname? I mean really. My grandmother told her children to, “Vote for the guy with the Italian last name.” That’s exactly what I did.

Yes, I am the jerk who is registered to vote all these years, who sometimes doesn’t bother to waste valuable time, standing in line with the rest of my neighbors, to cast a vote for someone whose main priority is climbing the political ladder by false pretenses and cutting corners.  I think I’ll pass. I would rather get hate mail for the rest of my life from people telling me I’m not an American, and that I should be ashamed of myself for thinking so. Blah Blah Blah.

I do however hold the deepest respect for those men and women who serve our country overseas, and in the states, every day. Those are real heroes. True they are under direction of our nation’s President, but don’t think for one moment I would even invite him over for Sunday dinner. I have the utmost respect for police officers, firefighters, pilots, EMT’s and the citizens of our nation. People who put their lives at risk, or save the lives of others. Take 911 for example, the fallen men and women, died to save the rest of us, and our country. Heroes!!

I know, I know, how could a person like myself hold the views that I have? As a recovered substance abuser, I told people what they wanted to hear. I said I was sorry; not knowing sorry was an action word. I made promises I never intended to keep.  Now that I have become educated on my addiction, I am now able to put the shoe on the other foot. I was able to see that my broken promises were part of my self- seeking behavior, and that’s not okay. The same should go for our politicians. How can you sleep at night, knowing you have no intention of keeping promises? I believe that actions speak louder than words. Until then, sweet dreams!


One of America’s Healthiest Cities Is About To Get A Little Bit Healthier!

By Ali Fornash

Boston is a pretty healthy city. In fact it is currently listed at the 3rd healthiest city in the US. This should come as no surprise to Bostonians. Our 44 square mile city contains over 700 different gyms or healthy clubs. It is ranked as the 2nd most walkable city in America. In addition,  Boston has 80% more residents report that they walk or ride a bike to work than the average US city. We have below average rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and depression. Last, but certainly not least,   Boston the home of the World’s Oldest Annual Marathon.

Well, Boston is about to get a little bit healthier! Yesterday Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino launched Fitness on the Plaza as part of his Boston Moves For Health Campaign. Fitness on the Plaza is in collaboration with Beantown Bootcamp, Health Yoga Life, South Boston Yoga and The Sports Club/LA and offers free,  full length,  classes that are open to the public at various times through the summer. The program came about as an effort to decrease the illnesses associated with obesity.  Affordability in regard to fitness is a growing issue and people are always looking for low-priced, or in this case FREE options, to get fit, work off stress and improve their overall health.

The Fitness on the Plaza is as follows:

  • Health Yoga Life: Yoga classes very Wednesday morning from 7:30-8:30am, beginning June 6 and ending July 25.
  • South Boston Yoga and The Sports Club/LA: Yoga classes every Thursday Morning from 7:00-8:00am, beginning July 12 and ending August 30.
  • Beantown Bootcamp: Boot camp classes every Friday morning from 6:30-7:30am and Friday afternoons from 2:30-3:30pm.

Drop-ins for all classes are welcome! So if you can’t make it to all, don’t hesitative to drop in when you can!

For more free and low-cost community fitness events, such as walking-groups, bike tours and sports clinics, click here.