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Homage to My Fellow Artists ♥

Hey there!

In the midst of this crazy, incredible, amazing, painful, passionate, fulfilling, risky journey that I am on (the life of an artist) I wanted to take a moment to pay homage to all my fellow artists out there…

You may take a look at us artists and think “I would love to have talent like that” and you probably look at the really successful artists who top the billboard charts, star in movies or on tv, whose faces are on the cover of magazines and think “must be nice.” But the truth is, while we may make it look good, years and years of blood, sweat, tears and heartache go into making a real career as an artist…

It starts with a passion; an undying, burning desired to create art. And if you leave it behind, as society usually wants you to, a big piece of you dies inside. For me, I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else with my life…

Then comes the chase, pursuing a dream that is shared by so many, and the competition is stiff. Rejection is something you have to get used to in this industry, because you will get 100 “no’s” before you get a “yes”. And let me tell you, us artists are sensitive creatures, so you must develop a tough skin or you will never, ever survive…

And then the chase continues. It NEVER, ever comes easy, even if we make it look that way. You can pretty much forget about making enough money to live off of as an artist until you hit it big. In fact, it will COST you money to get things done at a quality that competes. So, you had better learn to wait tables or get yourself a sugar daddy! (haha, just playing about the sugar daddy part-although there are some who do not rule this option out lol not me tho!)

Throughout this journey, we have to face a lot of invalidation from the people around us for what we are doing in life. We are considered to “have our head in the clouds” by many. And significant others usually don’t get it either… Especially the fact that you work a full time job AND do music/acting/modeling/dancing/painting/etc. full time as well. They are usually simply tolerating it but secretly waiting for you to realize that you gave it the old college and give it up already. Of course there are exceptions to this, and we do receive a great amount of love, support and admiration as well :0)

So, as you can see, this journey has not in any way been easy for me. I have sacrificed so much of my life for my career… And I wouldn’t have it any other way…

With all that said, I really feel the need to pay much respect, love and homage to all of my fellow artists out there, fighting for their dreams- especially the ones who have made it.

I leave you with one of my fave proverbs:
“Don’t be pushed by your problems… Be led by your dreams.” ♥

Much Love ♥
Melissa Jane xo


Scarecrow On a Wooden Cross…With a Poker Face?

By Ryan McDaniels

 Boy, has Caesar got me thinking about music and our country and our times. I often wonder why my iPod is filled with music from before I was born.  Probably because it is just so much better; it contains heart and purpose. But more importantly, it brought people together and told us a story. How would an album about family farms, entitled Scarecrow fair today? My guess is, it may appeal to the modern Country and Western listening audience and those who think they are listening to Country. But, in 1985 John Cougar Mellencamp brought such an album to the number two spot on the popular charts with a series of top ten singles about small town America. The title track was somewhat of a commercial flop. Through the power of Music Television, a fairly new concept in the mid-eighties, imagery mixed with music helped tell the story of the American family farm to young viewers otherwise separated by thousands of miles and cultural differences. Mellencamp founded Farm-Aid on the heels of this album and has been working to promote the family farm in the United States ever since. You don’t get to number two just selling records to farmers. Something resonated in this album that was uniquely American.

I read recently that this genre is now called Heartland Rock. In addition to Mellencamp, it includes artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger and Tom Petty.  But wait, these four guys are from Indiana, New Jersey, Michigan and Florida. Except for being from Presidential battleground states they can’t have anything in common. Can they? Throw in a New York City cop, like Eddie Money, and now I’m really confused. Who could have influenced these white-bred, blue-collar American realists? Their bios say Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and the Rolling Stones.  Nooo, that can’t be true. Dylan is a folklorist freak. Van Morrison is an introvert from Ireland.  And, the Stones are leftovers from the British invasion. They just didn’t get the memo to go home. These 60’s and 70’s artists were all influenced by Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters. Southern Blues, you know the heart of Rock and Roll. There is no way the 1980’s middle-aged, white guys from swing states can have anything in common with Southern Blues. Unless, it really is a small world, at least, musically speaking? ……READ MORE&#8220