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Melanie Melanson…Gone But Never Forgotten

By Stephanie Burke

Growing up in Woburn it is impossible not to know about this case. On October 28, 1989, Melanie Melanson, a 14 yr old girl, vanished and the case is still unsolved some 23 years later.  Everyone in this area knows the name.  We have all heard the story. Whenever her name is brought up parents hug their kids a little tighter.  Melanie, just like any other teenager, attended a party with friends and that was the last anyone has seen of her.  No clues, no witnesses, just a cold trail full of pain for the family that won’t give up.

Melanie had been living with her grandmother and told her that she was spending the night at a friend’s house; leaving out information about the party in the woods she was invited to.  When the next morning arrived and Melanie didn’t return home this 23 year old mystery began.

As you can imagine, Melanie’s family was in a panic when she did not return.  They immediately started calling everyone they could think of and tracked down the attendees of this “party” the night before.  Each one confirmed the fact that when they left Melanie was there.  So, what happened to Melanie?  Who was the last one with her? It came down to two boys Eugene Bertini and Jimmy Treska. But it wasn’t that simple.  Jimmy said he left Melanie with Eugene and Eugene said he left Melanie walking down the street.  Bertini claims that they exited the woods around 2am and he was unable to give Melanie a ride as he had a motorcycle and no helmet for her. He left on his motorcycle heading up Montvale Ave towards Woburn and Melanie walked in the other direction towards the Stoneham end.  ……READ MORE&#8220