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A Message To PennState Prez Rodney Erickson: Clean House!

As today’s Penn State game vs. Nebraska takes place, viewers will see interim Penn State President Rodney Erickson, plead for leniency from the curious public who the majority, would never even consider watching a college football game.  This rape scandal from Penn State has rightfully captured the attention from the broader public. It is a horrific story and it is far from over.

So if Erickson truly wants this curious public to allow Penn State the opportunity to “move forward”, then he must clean house.  And by clean house, I mean cancel the rest of the season and fire every staff member who has ever, even in the slightest, worked within the Paterno empire.

For those thinking that JoePa simply made an honest mistake because he was unaware of things that were happening, I invite you to remove your head from your a$$.  This is a far reaching cover-up, which when all the fire is burnt and dust is settled, will see many more beloved State College community figures fall.

Here are the sad facts:  JoePa, did is as little as possible to alert authorities and protect kids, because he was far more interested in protecting his legacy.  It is that simple.  In some ways, I feel bad for the Penn State alum, who through no fault of their own, are stained with this.  But regardless, this sad and unfair occurrence does not give the right for unquestioned allegiance to JoePa.

This whole story stinks.  And the defenders of JoePa or of Penn State in general, must come to terms with the horror of this story.  This is not a story of simple corruption, where football players where being handed bags of money and using it on local strip clubs.  These acts are unspeakable and not nuanced, but very black and white.  Certain crimes are indefensible and rape of children, or of any kind, surely fits this description.

And again, to reiterate, JoePa has direct blame.  Still not convinced?  Well, let us take a direct look at this case and apply it to our real lives.  If at your current employer, you happen to stumble upon a co-worker, who also happened to be a grown man,  visible and anally penetrating, what looked to be a ten year old boy or girl, what would you do?  Call your dad, like disgraceful assistant coach Mike “not to be confused with Andy Dalton” McQueary did? Or Maybe you tell your boss? Well, McQueary did both.  Guess who his boos was?  It was JoePa.

If this scenario had involved you, what do you think your current boss would do if you told them that a particular co-worker was just raping a child in the bathroom?  Your boss would immediately call the police and have the co-worker arrested.  JoePa did nothing of the kind, he told the Athletic Director.

Also, for those of you who still believe there is nothing more to the story, what about the mysterious case of the missing DA, who just so happened to be investigating Jerry Sandusky?  Or this very recent case involving a 2012 recruit?  Questions anyone?

Look, as previously stated, if you are Penn State alumni, I do feel bad.  But, sometimes life isn’t fair and the victims in this case, are not the Penn State faculty or the alumni and quite frankly, nor the seniors playing against Nebraska today.  The victims are clearly the children who were raped.

So, unfortunately today’s game was played.  But if Penn State President Rodney Erickson wants to establish a foundation of  credibility for the future, he must cancel the rest of the season and fire everybody remotely associated with Paterno.

That would be a start.

Go Nebraska!!!