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My Grammy Experience!

Hey All :0)

I just got back about a week ago from being in LA for the Grammy’s! It was so amazing being out there during all of the excitment! My hair stylist/sponsor Oriana Harris of Salon Marc Harris came  with me for the week and we totally worked it, lol! We went to a variety of Pre Grammy parties including The Senate Music Group’s, Jermaine Dupre’s and Vibe Magazine’s. There were many celebrity sightings (I def had to wipe the star struck look off my face when I randomly realized I was standing right next to Usher, LOL! ) but more importantly, we got to network with some very important and accomplished people in the game (you know I had my business cards ready!).  That alone made the trip worth it :0)

For the Grammys I wore a dress custom made for me by local Boston designer Polina Pantuyshina- http://www.pantyushina.com/ – my hair was done by my sponsor Oriana Harris of Salon Marc Harris on Newbury Street- www.salonmarcharris.com – and my makeup was by LA makeup artist Joanne Kang. I def got teary eyed when I was getting ready- going to the Grammys is something I have dreamed about since I was a little girl.

At first our seats were… Well, not that great lol. But, I was just grateful to be there. Then, about halfway through the show, my friend Printz hit me up and asked if  we wanted to come to one of the VIP suites… We were like UMM, YES! So, we had to wait till commercial break to leave our seats because that’s the rule there. The suite was freakin amazing! We were with the owner of the Grammy record label, so we had literally the best possible view, right in the center of the floor! Not to mention the free champagne, oer d’oeuvres and desserts… We were just like omg is this real life?! Lol! Afterwards we went to the official Grammy Afterparty, which was pretty fun as well.

Another teary-eyed moment for me was seeing one of my very good friends, Sean, with my friend Kevin, performing at the Grammys with Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.  Sean plays trumpet and Kevin plays trombone, they both went to Berklee College of Music with me. Oriana and I went to hang out with them the next day and we were reminiscing of all the fun times we had in Boston… I can’t really explain the feeling I had when I was watching Sean on stage with JT, I’ve only had it a couple of times in my life, but it’s like this: you see someone you know so well work there asses off for a long time at something they are passionate about and finally one day you see them on stage performing the freakin Grammys. I was just so overwhelmed with pride…

My last night in LA I went to go visit my good friend and talented producer/engineer/songwriter/musician Devine Evans at the studio. Although Devine was the very reason I even got the opportunity to go to the Grammy’s, I didn’t get to hang out with him very much at all when I was there because he was also a part of the production of Justin Timberlake’s Grammy performance, not to mention he was the main man behind his songwriting team The Senate- www.thesenateonline.com – Pre Grammy Party which was quite the production itself! When I was at the studio, I got to hear a sneak peek of The Senate’s upcoming mixtape “Red Moon” and all I have to say is this: absolutely amazing. Oh, and I can’t forget that when I left the studio to use the bathroom, I found myself standing outside of Alicia Keys’s rehearsal which was happening in the very next room! My heart was pounding so hard lol… I love me some Alicia Keys :0)

You can check out photos from my LA/Grammy adventures on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/melissajanesings (if you haven’t already, please “like” my page while you are at it ;0) Please stay tuned for more on my journey to the top of the charts :0)


Much Love,

Melissa Jane xoxo


Alive or Dead…Who Would I Have Dinner With?

By Stephanie Burke

I was on twitter tonight and I saw  #SomeoneIWantToMeet trending and it got me to thinking.  Who do I want to meet? I’m sure we have all been asked that question, “Alive or dead who would you have dinner with?”  Well this is my top five list of who would be sitting at my table.

  1.  Abraham Lincoln – Not only quite possibly one of the best Presidents in American history but he is also something of an intrigue to me.  I  mean lets face it “Honest Abe” wasn’t exactly the most handsome man so I can’t help but wonder, if he was running today would he be elected? Also, I’d love to pick his brain.  I mean he had such foresight and vision for the country.  To find out what ran through is head on a daily basis would be amazing.
  2.  Sean Carter (aka Jay-Z) – Married to the most beautiful women in the world this creative genius has created an empire.  Music, clothes….there is nothing Jay-Z can’t do.  His music is beyond genius and definitely defines him as a true artist.  Having the opportunity to chat with Jay-Z and find out the who, what and why of him would definitely make for an interesting table.
  3. Princess Diana – Sitting with Diana, Princess of Whales, would not only be an honor but a life altering experience.  I have always been obsessed with the royals…and Diana in particular.  I remember exactly where I was when I heard of her passing…I immediately thought about her sons.  She managed to navigate her way through a life a privilege and obligation and come out with her own identity.  Granted it wasn’t easy for her and more often than not she was a veritable mess behind the scenes but when she died she seemed to be finally coming into her own.
  4. Marilyn Monroe – Marilyn was no stranger to rumors and innuendo.  She was often considered the “perfect woman” yet her life would show she had not a shred of self-esteem.  Failed marriages, rumors of drug abuse, and innuendo of being the other woman….Marilyn faced it all and was it all.  I can’t help but think, “Imagine if there was Perez Hilton or TMZ when Marilyn was alive.”
  5. Tom Hanks – Something about Tom Hanks has always resonated with me.  He is just one of those people who I am dying to talk to.  His career has spanned the test of time and he has done everything from comedy to drama.  I remember watching him in the movie Philadelphia and thinking to myself, “I can’t believe this is the guy from Bosom Buddies”.  I mean anyone who can transform like that is awe-inspiring to me.

So there you have it! That is my list for what would surely be an amazing round table! Who would you have at your table?