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One of America’s Healthiest Cities Is About To Get A Little Bit Healthier!

By Ali Fornash

Boston is a pretty healthy city. In fact it is currently listed at the 3rd healthiest city in the US. This should come as no surprise to Bostonians. Our 44 square mile city contains over 700 different gyms or healthy clubs. It is ranked as the 2nd most walkable city in America. In addition,  Boston has 80% more residents report that they walk or ride a bike to work than the average US city. We have below average rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and depression. Last, but certainly not least,   Boston the home of the World’s Oldest Annual Marathon.

Well, Boston is about to get a little bit healthier! Yesterday Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino launched Fitness on the Plaza as part of his Boston Moves For Health Campaign. Fitness on the Plaza is in collaboration with Beantown Bootcamp, Health Yoga Life, South Boston Yoga and The Sports Club/LA and offers free,  full length,  classes that are open to the public at various times through the summer. The program came about as an effort to decrease the illnesses associated with obesity.  Affordability in regard to fitness is a growing issue and people are always looking for low-priced, or in this case FREE options, to get fit, work off stress and improve their overall health.

The Fitness on the Plaza is as follows:

  • Health Yoga Life: Yoga classes very Wednesday morning from 7:30-8:30am, beginning June 6 and ending July 25.
  • South Boston Yoga and The Sports Club/LA: Yoga classes every Thursday Morning from 7:00-8:00am, beginning July 12 and ending August 30.
  • Beantown Bootcamp: Boot camp classes every Friday morning from 6:30-7:30am and Friday afternoons from 2:30-3:30pm.

Drop-ins for all classes are welcome! So if you can’t make it to all, don’t hesitative to drop in when you can!

For more free and low-cost community fitness events, such as walking-groups, bike tours and sports clinics, click here.