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The Monday Insanity; Occupy Wall Street and Tom Brady









Coffee with Caesar has just added a new segment called the Monday Insanity, which  will recap the previous week.   As usual, we will cover stories from all over the world and offer our totally biased opinion in such an unbiased way you will leave feeling informed, but yet slightly stimulated.  We hope that the Monday Insanity becomes your #1 reading material as you contemplate the life altering mistakes you made over the weekend.  Anyhow, let us dive right into it.

First, Occupy Wall Street is not going anywhere.  The pictures above were shot in New York by  photographer Dustin Cohen and capture the youthful appeal of the Occupy phenomenon.  Furthermore, the movement can now be considered a culturally important success as SNL used it for its opening sequence.  You can check out the clip right here, which features  a somewhat funny imitation of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, being utterly confused on how to handle the protest.  Regardless of how one feels about the Occupy movements sweeping across the country, they have made an impact.  Many people I speak with, agree with the philosophical point behind the movements.  Sure, it is true some people have negative opinions, and there is outright contempt by some on the conservative side of political opinion of them, but a plurality view it favorably, even if most are still confused by what it actually is.  As time progresses, it is my belief a more formal organizational agenda must be created for the movement to have long term success, but, even it’s harshest critics must admit that they are certainly getting people’s attention.  When you have  a show like SNL and people such as the President and writers with the prominence of a David Brooks and a Peggy Noonan offering opinions on it, then it cannot be dismissed as some radical leftists’, anarchists agenda.  Furthermore, riots in Rome, which were done in a loosely based sign of solidarity with the Occupy movements in the U.S., demonstrate international appeal.  So face it people, it has legs and how it ends, well I am honestly not sure, we shall see.  But regardless, it has caught the attention of all, and that is a good thing.

Switching gears from politics to sports where, once again, people from Boston and the rest of New England had the privilege of seeing the greatest quarterback who has ever lived.  Tom Brady, who played poorly for most of the game on Sunday against Dallas, did something Montana or Jordan would have done; when it counted, he delivered. Some people may view the aforementioned opinion as a grotesque overstatement, but the challenge is yours to refute it.  During recent years, legitimate arguments were made about who was better; Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning or Brady.  Now, even that suggestion seems preposterous.  I have  argued the Brady-Maning debate before and concluded based on a variety of facts, Brady is better.  But, now I am saying he is the best of all time.

He has proven he can win with three rings and also proven he can be a prolific passer as demonstrated in 2007 and holding the record for most TD’s in a year at 50.  If the Patriots won (OMFG I hate Eli Manning, Asante Samuel for not catching that easy interception and that asshole David Tyree.  Btw, did you realize he wrote a book called “More Than Just a Catch?”  Your damm right it was more than a catch.  Just such an awful event.  Why do I torture myself by even bringing up the year 2007?  I swear if someday I am in a position of hiring people and an applicant comes in with a resume saying they were born in the year 2007, not only am I not hiring them, I will have security escort them out the door and I would also file a restraining order against them.  I am sorry, it’s just very painful moment in my life.)  Anyhow, where was I?  O ya, if they win in 2007, there would be no debate, but they didn’t so I suck for even bringing it up, but trust me, he is the best ever.

Depressed, 2007!?!?!?!

Well, like I said in the introduction, Coffee with Caesar will be recapping the world events every Monday from now on and we look for your opinion and feedback on topics we should pursue.  Furthermore, we will be rapidly expanding content in the coming months, using more writers and short documentaries to investigate all elements of society.

So, enjoy the start of your week and keep having Coffee With Caesar; everyday and every Monday.