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9 Year Old Rapper = Child Neglect?

By Stephanie Burke

Brockton native Little Poopy (whose real name is Luie Rivera Jr.) is taking the rap world by storm. He has worked with the likes of P. Diddy and been featured in a plethora of music videos! He has done all this at the ripe old age of 9! Yes that’s right, he is 9 years old.

This fourth grader spends his days rapping about the likes of groupies, cocaine and partying in hotel rooms! He can even be seen spanking one of the female dancers in a video. Because of these raunchy videos the authorities have decided to step in and investigate Little Poopy’s dad for child neglect. 

Poopy’s father, Luie Rivera, is outraged! “I love my son, I adore my son,” Luie Rivera said after Brockton police filed a child abuse or neglect complaint against him. “He’s not doing anything wrong. He’s not doing drugs, he’s not drinking alcohol. There are other kids out there killing kids, doing drugs, molesting. He’s just singing hooks. He’s not hurting anyone.”

Take a look at one of his videos below and tell us what you think.


Penn State – Paterno Statue Comes Down & NCAA Punishment

By Stephanie Burke

As most of us are aware by now Penn State is at the center of a horrifying abuse scandal that spanned more than 20 years! Sandusky, a former Penn State defensive coordinator, was found guilty in June of sexually abusing young boys.  In many instances the abuse would take place on the campus of Penn State.  An investigation commissioned by the school found that their beloved football coach Joe Paterno, who died in January, and several other top officials at Penn State stayed quiet for years!

In the wake of the investigation the public has cried for the removal of the statue of Joe Paterno from the Penn State campus.  This past weekend, in the early morning hours and hidden behind a blue tarp, the University removed the statue.  This to me was maddening! That statue DEFINITELY should have been removed but not in such a way where it looked as if they were hiding it! I mean would someone hide it if they were removing statue of Charles Manson! He may have been a good football coach and won a lot of games but he still allowed young children to be brutalized by a mad man for decades! They should have been happy to removed that statue and disassociate with such a monster.

While the statue was being removed there was a crowd of a 100 or so students chanting “we are Penn State.” Really? I mean you want your school connected with such a vile person? To those who were chanting I ask this, if that was your brother or son that was left victim to Sandusky would you be out there chanting we are Penn State? I doubt it.  Perspective people! Just because the guy won some football games doesn’t mean he was a good person! He clearly was not and should only be remembered amongst the likes of our nation’s most notorious criminals and not as a good decent person.  In my eyes knowing what Sandusky was doing and not reporting it made him just as guilty.

The NCAA also had something to say about the findings of the investigation.  The NCAA handed down the following penalties to Penn State: $60 million fine, the loss of all Joe Paterno’s victories from 1998-2011, a four-year ban on bowl games, the loss of 20 scholarships per year over four years and five years’ probation. The NCAA also said that any current or incoming football players are free to immediately transfer and compete at another school.  In my opinion they essentially shut down the football program for the next 4 years. I just wish that Joe Paterno was still here to get the punishment he deserved!

What do you think about the NCAA punishment of Penn State?