Obama VS Romney: Round 1

By Jack Kelly

Last nights Presidential debate was a clear win for Republican nominee Mitt Romney.  But the big question is will it actually mean anything? Will this victory by Romney move the polls in any meaningful way?  Specifically, heading into last nights debate, Romney was behind, but disregard the national polls, which demonstrate the race to be much closer than it actually is.  For example, Obama has a clear lead in Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as consistently leading in Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, Nevada and Colorado.  If Obama simply wins Ohio and Wisconsin, it virtually assures the election for him.  Even after last night’s debacle, I am not sure Ohio and Wisconsin will shift in Romney direction in a noticeable way.  It may give him Florida and Virginia, but it wont matter.  Romney really needs either Ohio or he needs to run the table out west, which is still challenging because of his horrific disadvantage with hispanics voters.

However, Obama needs to wake up!!

The President could have ended this campaign last night.  He never mentioned the vicious secret 47% video of Romney or even made a substantial counter to the dozens of outright lies Romney stated.  Obama seemed disinterested and annoyed.  Was he tired, angry, or sick of the burden of “being President?”  Who knows, but the big reason he lost last night was because of his lack of fight and passion.  Although this seems to have been strategic by the Obama campaign and I believe it was a good one at least intially, there should have been a plan B.  Obama should have intuitively seen the Romney momentum.  Although, sports analogies in reference to politics and life are off putting and unrealistic, consider this one; Obama went into last nights debate with a 21 point lead in the fourth quarter.  Like many football teams ahead in the 4th quarter, he tried to run out the clock with a cautious running attack.  But after going 3 and out, 2 times in a row, mixed in with a Romney touchdown, Obama should have shifted and become more aggressive while still being cautious.  Meaning start mixing some good, short throws in there to help get a much needed first down to stop the bleeding.

But Obama kept running the ball and Romney scored another touchdown.

There is no doubt, Romney won this debate, but it is not without some problems for him going forward.  Half the stuff he talked about was either made up or a drastic change from previous positiones he held, even up until last week in one case.  Also, something I garner will cause more trouble for him in the coming days, is his comment on Big Bird.  Romney, sounding like a douche bag, insinuated to Jim Lehrer he would ‘fire’ Big Bird’ and Lehrer, in a move meant to reduce our national debt.  Although some in the country may agree, a majority of people like PBS and especially love Big Bird and by extension, Elmo and the Muppets.

Make no mistake, it was a dumb thing to say by Romney that partisan democrats will highlight over Twitter and Facebook in the coming days, thus ever so slightly hurting Romney’s momentum.

So here is the lesson going forward for Obama and Romney.  For Obama, wake up and fight for that job you have.  Demonstrate to people the fire and passion that inspires the masses towards you.  Show America you want another four years.  Next time Romney punches, hit him back with the force of a Tyson-in-his-prime punch.  Translation: stop being Mr. nice guy all the time.  Romney is trying to take your job, cut his hand off or otherwise he will take it.

For Romney, stop talking about Big Bird and don’t tell the moderator you would fire him.  For most of the night he seemed somewhat human and showed fight, but he still came off as a douche bag with the PBS comment.  Otherwise, he should try and capitalize on this perceived good performance and try and move the needle in Ohio.

Bout 30 more days to go!  Long live the Republic!!!




One Response to Obama VS Romney: Round 1

  1. Randy says:

    I’m not sure if I was watching the same debate, Jack. Romney wore the same mask he donned the past two years. I found his ‘jabs’ to be less than endearing, and I’m sure there are a lot of conservatives out there wondering when he’s going to she’d that mask. If you listened to anything today, he went right back into Romney mode. He’s using Rush Limbaugh’s tactic at trying to win over the independents by explaining his 47% fiasco and did horrible with it. Then he shifts to conservatives and goes back into Romney mode.

    My take is, Obama should have taken control sooner, but I seriously feel Romney wasn’t the person Obama expected last night so he didn’t feel the need to attack. He certainly didn’t have to answer anything, because Romney never brought anything to the table. I would have liked to see Obama shut him down on that 716 Billion Medicare cut, but, now that I think about it, he was wise to avoid explaining himself because there was really nothing new he could add to anything he’s already said.

    That’s why I think Romney failed last night. He was the same old same old.

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