Matt Ganem The Poet


I heard of Matt through a colleague who was “raving” about this poet who wrote about addiction named Matt Ganem.  I started following him on Twitter and really enjoyed his teasers from his poems.  After messaging Matt and having the pleasure to chat with him I became more impressed.  The kid has talent and is pursing a dream with passion and purpose.

I will always be a fan of someone who strives for such a high ideal!!  Here is some of his work, enjoy and vote for Matt as Boston Best Poet right here and his website



Lock pressed in on the bathroom door
Turning the shower on for added noise
I told myself I wasn’t gonna do this anymore
But I gave in when I heard temptations voice
Dumping a little powder in a bottle cap
Making sure I save some for later on
Pulling thirty CC’s back

Sweating, cause I know what I’m doing is wrong
Its been a week and half out of detox
And my family thinks I’m doing good
Bought me some clothes and a fresh pair of Reebok’s
Taking care of me cause they think I’m doing what I should
I can hide the tracks in my hands

Little nicks I can claim were from work
Pinned pupils will be covered by Raybans
But I gotta high first
Push the needle in
Draw back a little blood
Here we go again
This is how an addict makes love
With a rush of euphoria

All the pain is taken away
An artificial utopia
A peaceful place I wish I could stay
Rinse the syringe out
Splash some water across my face

Now I’m floating through the house
Higher than outer space
Smiles at the dinner table
While I’m fighting a nod
Selling the pills that are suppose to save you
But swear suboxens must have been a gift from god
I’m chipping

Haven’t caught a full blown habit
Its sickening
Inside the mind of an addict
Its not a problem until handcuffs are involved
And I still have a room at my parents spot

Even though my money is starting to dissolve
The consequences haven’t forced me to stop
My disease is starting to sink in its teeth
I don’t like who I’ve been seeing in the mirror
I was hitting a few meetings a week

Now its an excuse I use to leave and meet my dealer
A keen ability to manipulate my circumstance
Using people that care about me like pawns
Everyone thinks I’m giving sobriety a chance
I’m just another victim of how rehab has gone wrong

Those Sobos I sold for pocket money
Were suppose to be for cigarettes and clothes
But you can’t trust a junkie
Instead I bought injectable gold
The high is worth the world to me
I’m willing to sell my soul for a fix
Fuck over my own family
I really don’t give a shit

Withdrawals have me home from work
Staring at my mothers check book on the counter
Looks like I’m hitting up checks cashed first
To find the substance with the healing power
Now I’m off and running
It’ll take at least a month before my parents will know

Started off chipping at something
Before I fell into this black hole
My whole world is crumbling down
In a gas station bathroom
I got tackled to the ground
By what looked like a bunch of goons
New pair of bracelets tightly wrapped around my wrists
Boston police had me cuffed and stuffed
So much for fooling my family on this sobriety trip

Chipping was never gonna be good enough


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