Jack Kelly Creator and Editor at Large

Jack has a passion for world history and is a keen observer of the American political system.   He was raised  in a typical middle class family in a blue collar-gritty , Boston Neighborhood. In his professional life, Jack  spent time as a Union Iron-worker and most recently was a candidate for an At Large seat for the Boston City Council where he was one of four to be endorsed by the Boston Globe and one of two, to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood alongside At Large Boston City Councelor Ayanna Pressley in the prelim.  In addtion, Jack worked for former Boston Mayor Tom Menino’s administration.  Jack has also contributed to InsidersHealth and the several Boston Patch Sites. Jack’s vision for this site revolves around engaging the populace in serious issues while using humor and pop culture as a way to spark conversation.  He wants Coffee With Caesar to be an ongoing conversation between the whole world.


Meet the Contributors


Ryan McDaniels – Contributor

Ryan is our newest contributor and some could say, most mysterious.  Ryan is a passionate observer of American history and politics.  Ryan would like her opinions to be completed unhindered by anything.  Ryan is similar to Neo from the Matrix; She exists in our collective soul.  Therefore, Ryan comes to us from our virtual spirit. A very important place.  Ryan will be writing tough and a very honest analysis of politics coupled with its relationship to the social implications to such policy decisions. Ryan is a feminists and a humanists and believes that through art and writing, she can change the world.


Melissa Jane – Contributor  

Introducing Melissa Jane: Boston Pop/R&B Singer with a Voice to “Remember”

The next big thing never sounds like anyone else, and neither does Melissa Jane.

Melissa is now recording her album with Rio on Bristol’s Code 11 Records. Meanwhile, “Remember” can be heard in clubs and on radio in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, London, and down America’s east coast. Production team Tokyo Angel of Tokyo, Japan remixed the track for Barzet Records—hear it now on Melissa was even tapped to sing “Remember” in the Massachusetts indie film Sunblocked.

A bold performer, Melissa has played hundreds of shows from Boston and New York to Orlando and New Orleans. Gigs at Boston’s legendary Hard Rock Café and Paradise Rock Club are on her résumé, and she sang the National Anthem before 38,000 Red Sox fans at Fenway Park, at a New England Revolution game in Gillette Stadium, and before NASCAR races at New England’s Seekonk Speedway.


Tedd  Emelianov – Contributor

Greetings friends, my name is Tedd and I am very happy to be joining Coffee with Caesar. I recently graduated college with degrees in philosophy and economics, so I’m no stranger to obscure concepts and strange reasoning. I enjoy a good debate, and tend to act as devil’s advocate to pretty much any opinion, most often the popular one. I don’t believe that I or my work can be summarized in a small paragraph, and I would rather you get to know me through my writing than just having my tell you about myself. I will say that I always try to be fair, even if I am biased, and am always willing to be wrong and admit my own ignorance. I look forward to any potential arguments that I may start, and hope that they can be fun and informative for all involved.


 Amy Voltero- Contributor

Amy  was born in Boston in 1979. She spent most of her life growing up in Winchester, Massachusetts.     She graduated Winchester High School in 1997 and attended Endicott College in Beverly, MA, seeking a degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has worked in many fields, including, but not limited to, foodservice, administrative, hardware, non-profit and entertainment.

Amy’s passion for music, led her to become a disc jockey for local restaurants and pubs, in the early 2000’s. As a singer by hobby, Amy won a trip to Las Vegas in 2001, for winning a karaoke singing competition.   She has struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol for over sixteen years, until finding the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in 2010.  Today, she is a proud, single mother of an eighteen month old daughter, Mia and resides in Charlestown, MA. She is a resident of the Dennis McLaughlin House, a transitional housing program for mothers in recovery from substance abuse, seeking permanent housing. Since her arrival at the program in August, 2011, Amy has become a familiar face around the political scene and the recovery circuit in Charlestown.

Amy is employed by Olivia Browning and Boston Intuitive, both of Charlestown, MA. Amy has assisted the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce, with a variety of events, including the annual Holiday Stroll and wreath hanging, Open Market and chamber’s “Summer Bash.”     Her struggles with substance abuse, low self esteem and the determination to rebuild her life has been the driving force in the creation of the woman she is today. She is a woman of hope and inspiration, thriving to use her experience to influence personal empowerment.



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