A Message To PennState Prez Rodney Erickson: Clean House!

As today’s Penn State game vs. Nebraska takes place, viewers will see interim Penn State President Rodney Erickson, plead for leniency from the curious public who the majority, would never even consider watching a college football game.  This rape scandal from Penn State has rightfully captured the attention from the broader public. It is a horrific story and it is far from over.

So if Erickson truly wants this curious public to allow Penn State the opportunity to “move forward”, then he must clean house.  And by clean house, I mean cancel the rest of the season and fire every staff member who has ever, even in the slightest, worked within the Paterno empire.

For those thinking that JoePa simply made an honest mistake because he was unaware of things that were happening, I invite you to remove your head from your a$$.  This is a far reaching cover-up, which when all the fire is burnt and dust is settled, will see many more beloved State College community figures fall.

Here are the sad facts:  JoePa, did is as little as possible to alert authorities and protect kids, because he was far more interested in protecting his legacy.  It is that simple.  In some ways, I feel bad for the Penn State alum, who through no fault of their own, are stained with this.  But regardless, this sad and unfair occurrence does not give the right for unquestioned allegiance to JoePa.

This whole story stinks.  And the defenders of JoePa or of Penn State in general, must come to terms with the horror of this story.  This is not a story of simple corruption, where football players where being handed bags of money and using it on local strip clubs.  These acts are unspeakable and not nuanced, but very black and white.  Certain crimes are indefensible and rape of children, or of any kind, surely fits this description.

And again, to reiterate, JoePa has direct blame.  Still not convinced?  Well, let us take a direct look at this case and apply it to our real lives.  If at your current employer, you happen to stumble upon a co-worker, who also happened to be a grown man,  visible and anally penetrating, what looked to be a ten year old boy or girl, what would you do?  Call your dad, like disgraceful assistant coach Mike “not to be confused with Andy Dalton” McQueary did? Or Maybe you tell your boss? Well, McQueary did both.  Guess who his boos was?  It was JoePa.

If this scenario had involved you, what do you think your current boss would do if you told them that a particular co-worker was just raping a child in the bathroom?  Your boss would immediately call the police and have the co-worker arrested.  JoePa did nothing of the kind, he told the Athletic Director.

Also, for those of you who still believe there is nothing more to the story, what about the mysterious case of the missing DA, who just so happened to be investigating Jerry Sandusky?  Or this very recent case involving a 2012 recruit?  Questions anyone?

Look, as previously stated, if you are Penn State alumni, I do feel bad.  But, sometimes life isn’t fair and the victims in this case, are not the Penn State faculty or the alumni and quite frankly, nor the seniors playing against Nebraska today.  The victims are clearly the children who were raped.

So, unfortunately today’s game was played.  But if Penn State President Rodney Erickson wants to establish a foundation of  credibility for the future, he must cancel the rest of the season and fire everybody remotely associated with Paterno.

That would be a start.

Go Nebraska!!!



5 Responses to A Message To PennState Prez Rodney Erickson: Clean House!

  1. If penn state wants to show respect to the victims, it would cancel their 2011 football schedule joepa pennstate

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Mr. Kelly, there is so much more to this issue of covering up child sexual abuse. The family courts are also ignoring reports of sexual abuse. Frequently protective parents are accused of brainwashing their children, and custody is actually given to the abuser. This issue is widely protested, never properly addressed. Just like this scandal. Please help bring it to light. There are human rights violations filed with the Inter America Commission on Human Rights in DC. Also, see ignored US Supreme Court Case Sacks v. Sacks 2011. Google Dr. Richard Gardner. Thanks.

  3. Concerned Citizen et al.

    Citing Sacks v. Sacks is to cite a case which has ignored both the power and the money trail in Florida, in the Sacks case, and in general regarding the coverup of (rampant) child sexual abuse by lowly (and powerful) individuals throughout the land. This can be identified and has footprints, but Linda Sacks & allies have preferred personal publicity to effectiveness.

    I am, and network with, mothers (cross-country) whose lives have been totally dismantled or transformed by having been forced or extorted through the courts to let their children loose to known abusers or molesters after they, often, got out from the situation. I am tired of the perpetual surprise and mock? astonishment each time some idol hits the dust. I know this happens to fathers also, however until Congress is half women, or an ERA is passed, one of the most natural protectors of young children are being defanged, through religion and through religion in government, in the form of Offices of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, promoting “Responsible Fatherhood” and so forth.

    Pennsylvania, among other things, is known for the Kids for Cash Scandal (Luzerne County, right?) and we have seen also varieties of extortion (forcing parents to consume unnecessary classes each time they modify custody — see “htttp://www.KidsFirst.cc” — which markets products from CA court professionals in PA & in KY. Civil rules of procedure were rewritten in at least one county to require consuming this class before any custody modification. A little local reporting on what that probably signifies @ “Kids First Program is a healthy payday for the Family Court Dr. Muklewicz under county contract.”(http://scrantonpoliticaltimes.activeboard.com/t36620723/kids-first-program-is-a-healthy-payday-for-the-family-court-/). Financial abuse and child abuse sometimes go together, and deserve watching. (note: the boys talked about all the favors, right???)

    This is really about money, and power — and power over nubile boys (and girls) goes along with this. So, apparently, does drugs. . . as cases like “The Franklin Coverup” (Boys Town, Nebraska involved) details, a case i wish I hadn’t read about — but a woman asking for help mentioned her judges’ name, and it led to this:

    “What is the FBI Protecting?
    “Since the 1992 publication of John DeCamp’s book, The Franklin Cover-Up, Paul Bonacci has filed new affidavits and has given extensive interviews to investigators including reporters for Executive Intelligence Review and New Federalist. Bonacci’s disclosures have been cross-gridded with evidence supplied by authorities in law enforcement, psychiatry, and the intelligence community. The result goes a long way to explain the high stakes involved, and the frantic nature of the Franklin cover-up. . . .

    “Paul Bonacci has described in detail being dragged to Washington for use as a sex toy for Larry King’s clients. Bonacci told investigators he was in one of the private White House tours for young male prostitutes conducted by lobbyist Craig Spence, a close political associate of Larry King in the cloak-and-dagger Contras enterprise. Spence turned up dead in a Boston hotel room in 1989, soon after his and King’s “compromising” business was exposed in a Washington Times June 29, 1989 story, headlined: “Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush.”
    – – – –

    The concept that we can pay taxes, expect social services — or someone else — to handle the discomforting and emotionally challenging aspects of life has to go. Since 1996 Welfare Reform, which gives states a whole lot more discretion on what they do to help poor people (for example, taking funds needed for food & housing to instead form nonprofit front groups — just like the “big” guys — to preach abstinence (hypocrites!), marriage or fatherhood) — that concept has to go.

    We know all kinds of horror stories on a daily basis; people separated from their kids on allegations and theory, parents jailed without charges for over a year, causing job (and of course custody) losses, while some of the people responsible are promoted for doing this.

    If someone is being dishonest with money, they are likely also being dishonest with little children, fi they have access to them. Some of the worst offenders are in the highest places. If people were less interested in “bread and circuses” spectaculars to make it through this world, and become more involved in a little basic accounting, I bet it might be a different place.

    Example of great reporting resulting in a Congressional Hearing I found recently by Patrick Boyle of Youth Today (in 2008). He showed in the OJJDP what we’ve been finding in the Dept of HHS:
    “His book, “Scouts’ Honor: Sexual Abuse in America’s Most Trusted Institution,” examined child molestation in the Boy Scouts of America.” (http://www.youthtoday.org/view_author.cfm?author_id=3)

    There are 13 articles at “Special Report: OJJDP Grantmaking Scandal” (http://www.youthtoday.org/view_article.cfm?article_id=1874) which is a good start in understanding some of the financial cronyism around organizations for “Youth” and “Juvenile Justice” let alone “Child Abuse Prevention” “Family Strengthening” and similar terms. This kind of activity is possible especially since GWBush was elected, and Pres. Obama has only expanded it, despite the party differences. It is changing forms of government (which is supposed to include upholding constitution, and protections) as we exist.

    I recommend people figure out how to get out of react/respond mode in which they are easily manipulated, and start learning what strategies are already in place to eliminate due process, equal protection — especially from this kind of heinous crimes — under the law, and the degradation of language which calls a crime a crime into the kind of profitable but diversionary language which claims it’s going to “protect and prevent” abuse — but rarely does. Moral: Know – in advance — what you can or can’t rely on should an emergency arise.

    My kids were taken overnight illegally and put into the care of two adults, both of whose immediate families had known abuse (incest). I found out actually from a Pennsylvania case quoting “Castle Rock v. Gonzales” just how far judicial and prosecution immunity goes.

    (@ https://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/luzerne-county-pa-doctrine-of-absolute-judicial-immunity-vs-racketeering-fraud-money-laundering-extortion-bribery-and-federal-tax-violations-and-more/) or the underlying case:

    -Nos. 04-1157, 04-2495.
    -Argued Nov. 2, 2006. — September 13, 2007
    -Before:  AMBRO, FUENTES and SMITH, Circuit Judges.

    Consider the opening and closing statements of this Opinion (and how recent it was):
    This is what happened at the Appellate Level after, amazingly, a District Court ruled in her favor:

    “In January 1999, George Burella, a ten-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, shot and seriously injured his wife, Jill Burella, and then shot and killed himself.1  George Burella had emotionally and physically abused Jill Burella for years prior to the shooting.   Although she reported numerous incidents of abuse to the police over the years, obtained several restraining orders just days before the shooting, and told police that her husband continued threatening her despite the orders, police failed to arrest him.   This appeal concerns whether the police officers had a constitutional obligation to protect Jill Burella from her husband’s abuse.   Despite our grave concerns about the Philadelphia Police Department’s alleged conduct in this case, we hold that the officers did not have such an obligation.   Accordingly, we will reverse the District Court’s denial of qualified immunity and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.”

    …Mr. Burella, like so many others, was absolutely a clear danger. He had assaulted co-workers, stalked her at work, beaten her in public on the lawn, and attempted suicide and been hospitalized for it. I don’t see anything else this woman could’ve done to protect herself, and still she ended up being shot in the chest — but surviving — while her husband finally killed himself.

    As a society, we need to understand just how much discretion police have (even if we report) and that they too are subject to D.A. discretion to prosecute or not. We cannot afford not to understand how our own government and institutions work, or fail to. This may take a little less time watching football and a little more looking at the local county’s finances. I don’t meant to minimize the value of sports, or arts, in developing young people (and know a lot about it).

    However, the time for anyone over 18 to start processing the basics is NOW, and to understand which direction the trend of actually prosecuting child abuse has been going, whether by strangers or by family members.

    A friend of mine has commented of this case that if it were young girls being systematically raped and molested through a sports program of this stature, it wouldn’t be news. She is right. Institutionally, we live in an era of feminist backlash, and according to those who are in that business, no amount of overcompensation is enough.

    Oh — I forgot. Women’s sports don’t reach that stature, do they…… Well, when we see a U.S. Congress that is more representative of the population (we are about 51%, right?), then things may change, and I believe a lot of this “fatherhood” movement is to make sure those things do NOT go that direction, by controlling each new generation, making sure they are submissive enough.

    How’s that going to help little boys in summer sports camps? or for that matter acolytes?

    This is a mixed sports analogy, but it’s time for more people to step up to the plate. Learn what your public funds are being dedicated to.

  4. Anne Stevenson says:

    Jack, once again, you hit the nail on the head. Penn State grosses more than $70 million per year in profits off this football team, however, it was at the expense of the children who were raped. The institution once revered for its integrity chose to adopt separate rules and procedures for the elite which waived their responsibility to act lawfully and honestly so that it could benefit from the professional coaching and fund raising services of a child predator.

    Most of all, what I want to know is who was killing the story in the media for ten years? It was the child molesters who work for the MEDIA running the camps!!! The sports television networks knew about the pedophiles, and they did NOTHING. The media is an integral part of the checks and balances in government. Did they institute a blackout policy on the story so they too could profit?

    The criminal conduct did not stop there. These coaches had a nonprofit called “The Second Mile” which operated on their campus, a sleep over camp, which received millions in government grants [aka YOUR TAX DOLLARS.] The target population was under served youth, foster children, under the age of 15. What bothers me most is that these foster kids have no parents, they do not have advocates watching over them, and so Penn State had an extra ordinary burden to protect them [which obviously it did not do.] Instead, the leaders and profiteers habitually ignored the reports of brutal child rapes for a decade. These criminals used the public’s funds and Penn State’s resources to create a pedophile friendly environment, then used the children as inventory for a candy story for child rapists.

    Yesterday there were news articles which exposed the fact that another public university, the CITIDEL, had a similar pedophile scandal which was covered up for decades. If the military will not protect our children and provide fair and honest services, who will? Where is the accountability?

    We do not know for sure yet, but serious questions loom, such as were they using Penn State’s computers? Were their settlements? Were criminal reports made? Why did the Department of Children and Families continue sending foster children to this camp? Did the social workers or foster care programs receive incentives from the camp to send kids there? Why did the US Department of Health and Human Services keep funding the programs if they could see the program habitually violated the terms of the grants [safety mandates, $280k on FOOD, lavish gifts, etc.]

    One thing is clear, that these nonprofits and youth football programs and the perverts running them are now radio active and will likely perish. Activists are outraged and calling for tougher regulations, however, what no one will discuss is the fact that we have sufficient laws meant to keep children safe from predators, but no one will enforce them. Why do we need more stringent laws for these institutions and the justice system to ignore? These kids were not victimized because of some legal loop hole, they were SOLD OUT.

    In my opinion, the following measures should be taken:

    1. The DCS and CPS social workers who were in charge of these abused children and the cover up should be fired IMMEDIATELY. The foster care programs should be audited and house cleaning needs to be done.

    2. The publicly funded programs involved should lose all their public funding effective immediately.

    3. The media outlets involved should be required to air segments which promote awareness of child abuse, as well as donate millions to programs which help victims.

    4. Penn State needs to set up an endowment fund for the education and care of not just the victims, but also for victims in the foster care system in general.

    The lesson we should all take away from this is that the fate of the football team is beside the point. The players should not be punished for what the criminals running the program did. Public institutions, CPS, and the media should not get funding to run programs which promote child rape-this is organized crime-a pedophile ring. The child sex trade is not something that happens oversees, it happens here, and we have a legal and moral obligation to protect our most vulnerable and defenseless citizens-children-especially wards of the state-from these sick perverts and the institutions profiting from them.

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